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When I think about the fact that these two kids from season one


these two background cheerleaders who were always together


these two best friends who may have had something more going on


these two young, unassuming KIDS


grow up into strong women…

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lesbians in their natural habitat.

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santana lopez + text posts (part two)

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Naya Rivera to record Spanish Version of ‘Sorry’

More here

Oh gosh I hope not. That song was a trainwreck from the start .. re-doing it in Spanish … yeah no. I don’t think I’ve seen/talked to one person who genuinely liked it.

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Why I love them so much.


Why I love them so much.

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Best of Santana Lopez in Season 4 of Glee  :
↳ x

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AU: in which Brittany is a superhero who is (far too) concerned about her girlfriend’s safety

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